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​​How It All Started...

​​​​​It was early September in Wisconsion.  My family was vacationing at a family cabin on a lake in the middle of nowhere.  During the day it was hot enough for swimming and fishing.  At night, it was cold enough to see your breath.  There was no running water or electricity and only a wood stove for cooking and heat.  Our first night there was exceptionally cold.  No one expected that early fall frost.  But, this is when it all started ... someone gave me a cup of coffee.  

It was gritty, burnt, and there was muck stuck to the sides of my tin cup. But it didn't matter.  My hands were warm, my senses awoke, and I could feel the heat returning to my toes.

I was 13.  That was the beginning of my love affair with coffee.

At Joyful Java, this toe-warming awakening is what we try to pass along in every cup.  We do this by sourcing beans from around the world, melding regional flavors through a precisely timed roasting and brewing process. 

Located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, our mission is to pass along joy and happiness, one cup at a time.  We'll be at festivals, sporting events, weddings, office parties, and sometimes we'll just hang out in the parking lot.

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Stop by the trailer to meet brothers Tyler (left) and Andrew (right)
and the rest of the Joyful Java team!